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Our History

The possibilities that you have at your disposal for designing the backyard paradise of your dreams, complete with a swimming pool, are truly without limit. Every imaginable way of life and ideal can be realized, whether you want a contemporary appearance and atmosphere, something more naturalistic, a mystical adult playground, or something kid-friendly. The professionals at Baltimore Swimming Pool Pros are well-versed in all aspects of the planning and design process for swimming pools in the state of Maryland.

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Decking and Fencing

Whether you are adding a brand new deck or renovating your existing one, let us provide you with a worry-free deck that you can enjoy.

Landscape Design

We take the worry out of lawn design, care and landscape maintenance, so you can focus on enjoying your home!

Landscape Lighting

The right lights can make the best difference! We have the skills to illuminate your property for a stunning, polished look.

Hardscaping and Pavers

Harness the natural beauty of the outdoors with hardscaping. Get an elegant and useful decor for your home or establishment!

Swimming Pools

Add custom features and layouts to your pool to make it one of a kind! Build your own paradise in your backyard.

Bringing Paradise to Your Home

With the help of Baltimore Swimming Pool Pros, your property can be transformed into a tranquil haven by adding an opulent swimming pool or spa to its grounds.


We build some of the most spectacular commercial and residential swimming pools in Maryland, complete with one-of-a-kind waterfalls, LED lighting, and other eye-catching water features. These pools can be found throughout the state. Our extensive portfolio of custom swimming pool designs includes the following:

Your Unique Resource For Swimming Pool Building In Maryland

The professionals at Baltimore Swimming Pool Pros are able to offer assistance throughout the entirety of the swimming pool design process, beginning with the preliminary planning stage and continuing all the way through the acquisition of the necessary permits for construction. Even the upkeep of your pool and the surrounding fencing, patio, landscaping, and hardscaping, including any outdoor kitchens, can be taken care of by our company.

Completely Tailored to Your Specifications Swimming Pool Design

If you can dream it up, we can make it a reality! Put your ideas into action by collaborating with our team of designers of custom swimming pools.


Your Dream Pool Come to Life!

We are prepared to offer our clients assistance at every stage of the process, beginning with the time when the design first starts to take form in your head and continuing through the acquisition of the necessary permits, the installation, and the ongoing maintenance. We go above and beyond to ensure that the swimming pool design goals we create for you are in line with your lifestyle, property, and financial constraints. Our team has accumulated years of experience, and as a result, we are able to analyze the available space and provide a valuable recommendation on a pool that meets your requirements.

We are aware that a large pool will not look good if it is crammed into a small area. And we are well aware that you will not be pleased with a modest pool tucked away in a remote part of a large open area. A swimming pool that is kid-friendly and entertaining is essential for a household with children, whereas an adult who does not have children may opt for a more contemporary style. We can design the ideal pool for you by taking into consideration your property, lifestyle, and finances as primary considerations.

But… there’s a lot more to it than that. When it comes to creating a paradise in one’s backyard, one has a wide variety of additional additions and possibilities to select from. You might decide to go with a sun deck or splash deck that is built in. These are very fashionable right now, particularly for people who have young children. The addition of a hot tub or spa that is either attached to the pool or free-standing in close proximity is another very popular feature that allows you to extend the swimming season by a number of months. This feature can either be attached to the pool or stand alone nearby.

Why Choose Us?

Because we want there to be a strong visual relationship between the client’s indoor and outdoor spaces, our goal is to replicate the client’s home’s styling, decoration, and color palette as closely as we possibly can. This is because we want there to be a strong visual connection between the client’s indoor and outdoor spaces. Because of this, we will be able to accomplish what we set out to do. As a standard practice, we maintain close working relationships with both interior designers and architects in order to ensure that this objective is met.

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Seasoned Experts

The professionals at Baltimore Swimming Pool Pros are aware that the design of a swimming pool and backyard does not end when the water level drops. We take into account everything from the patio to the backyard landscaping to the development of a genuine outdoor living space, which may include an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit, fencing, and many other elements.

Our team of knowledgeable professionals will discuss all of your choices with you and show you the options that are available to meet your requirements. The most important thing to us is making sure that your outdoor living spaces are just how you want them.

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Reliable & Versatile

The vast knowledge and years of experience that Baltimore Swimming Pool Pros possesses in the field of designing and building backyard swimming pools positions them at the forefront of the industry. Our team will travel to meet you at the location of your project at no additional cost to discuss potential solutions and ideas with you.

We have the muscle to get your job going faster than you can imagine, and completed before the other companies have even submitted your permits. We have over 100 trucks and two 10 acre pool yards that are stocked with pools and materials. We take great pride in being able to deliver an outstanding product at a reasonable price and in a timeframe that is unmatched by anyone else in this industry.


Baltimore Swimming Pool Pros

The professionals at Baltimore Swimming Pool Pros can help you with the planning, designing, and building of an in-ground pool or spa in your backyard. We offer our years of experience to you so that you can design the perfect backyard paradise that will make you feel as if you are on vacation every time you step out the door. The experienced members of the Baltimore Swimming Pool Pros team will pay you a visit at your house to conduct an in-depth consultation during which they will describe the steps that need to be taken to turn your backyard into an area that has the ambience of a luxury resort.

Baltimore Swimming Pool Pros has been building some of the most spectacular commercial and residential swimming pools in Maryland and other areas throughout Baltimore County for more than 25 years. These pools often include custom waterfalls, LED lighting, and other breathtaking water features.

We are able to meet your requirements with a variety of different fiberglass pool designs. It doesn’t matter if you want to turn your backyard into a place to entertain family and friends, create a serene private escape, or build an exercise program that will make your friends green with envy; Baltimore Swimming Pool Pros can make it happen!

Our philosophy is that if you can dream it, we can make it a reality. With the help of Baltimore Swimming Pool Pros, your vision can become a reality.