Bring Paradise to Your Own Backyard

After a stressful day at work, there is nothing quite like unwinding with a refreshing swim in your home pool while enjoying the seclusion of your own personal paradise right in your own backyard.

If you have been considering getting a pool for some time now, now might be the best time to finally get one installed. When it comes to the installation of a pool, you do, however, have a few different options to choose from.

Fiberglass pools are becoming increasingly popular as a result of this trend among consumers who want their pool to be installed more quickly and require less maintenance over the long term. Fiberglass pools also offer their customers the following benefits, should they decide to go with them:

Since their introduction in 1958, fiberglass pools have contributed significantly to the expansion of their respective industries. The days of only offering white fiberglass pool shells in a basic rectangle shape are long gone. Since the late 1950s, the design elements of these fiberglass pools have changed significantly.

With this information, Baltimore Swimming Pool Pros is able to transform your home into a tranquil haven by installing a high-end swimming pool or spa.

The following are just a few examples from our extensive portfolio of designs for custom swimming pools:

CTA | Baltimore Swimming Pool Pros
Colors | Baltimore Swimming Pool Pros


Your pool’s color and finish significantly impact its overall appearance. It is a good thing there is a selection of exclusive colored finishes to choose from and regular gel coats to achieve a variety of effects. In this regard, request assistance from Baltimore Swimming Pool Pros.

Perimeter & Custom Tiles

Baltimore Swimming Pool Pros offers an appealing assortment of standard perimeter tile, and the corresponding accent inlaid tiles to make your pool unique. Our inlaid tiles emphasize stairs and seats for safety and aesthetics.

Any pool or spa can have glass or ceramic tile on the floor, steps, seats, and/or skimmers. For a polished and elegant look, you can add these innovative designs to complement the curve of your pool.

Custom Tiles | Baltimore Swimming Pool Pros
Edges | Baltimore Swimming Pool Pros

Vanishing Edges & Cascades

Give your pool Custom Features the appearance of integrating into a natural setting. It nearly vanishes as the waterfalls over the back edge of a vanishing edge pool. You can further enhance this option with a beautiful waterfall vista from the backyard.

Listen to the enchanting sounds of waterfalls cascading down from gorgeous water features in your own pool’s coping. The cascades come in a variety of sizes and numbers to create energizing and stunning waterfalls that complement your pool’s size and scenery.

Mosaics & Lighting

The mosaic tiles in your pool reflect charm and personality, which contributes to the pool’s overall appeal and aesthetic value. Your unique personality can be reflected in your pool by making a selection from the standard product line offered by Baltimore Swimming Pool Pros or by having Artistry in Mosaics create a bespoke mosaic based on your design.

At night, you’ll be able to bask in the splendor and allure of your pool thanks to the bespoke lighting that we provide. You can use lighting to highlight almost anything, from the landscaping around your pool and spa to the patio ideas you have in mind.

In addition, our bespoke lighting can be utilized in conjunction with water features such as cascades to highlight the flow of a continuous waterfall that is falling continuously. In addition, you can use perimeter lighting to give any pool or spa the atmosphere that you want and to make it more beautiful.


Decking and Fencing

Whether you are adding a brand new deck or renovating your existing one, let us provide you with a worry-free deck that you can enjoy.

Landscape Design

We take the worry out of lawn design, care and landscape maintenance, so you can focus on enjoying your home!

Landscape Lighting

The right lights can make the best difference! We have the skills to illuminate your property for a stunning, polished look.

Hardscaping and Pavers

Harness the natural beauty of the outdoors with hardscaping. Get an elegant and useful decor for your home or establishment!

Swimming Pools

Add custom features and layouts to your pool to make it one of a kind! Build your own paradise in your backyard.