How to Keep Your Pool Safe From Snow Damage

How to Keep Your Pool Safe From Snow Damage

Freezing temperatures and the prospect of snow come with the new year. You may prepare your pool for winter with routine maintenance, but by following this advice, you can avoid paying thousands of dollars in repair costs for snow damage. Whether your pool is heated or not, it still requires effort to keep it safe from the snow.

Frequently and Early Pool Cleaning!

It will be much simpler for you if you clean your pool before lowering the pool cover or turning off the water heater. Brush the sides of your pool and get rid of any debris that can block the filter before covering it. The pool filter should then be completely cleaned by draining the backwash line.

The Main Defense is Pool Covers

Put the pool cover on as soon as possible after closing your pool or whenever it is not being used, regardless of the season. Leaf, insects, and precipitation are kept out of your pool by pool covers. Don’t entirely drain your pool when you start the winterizing procedure because pool coverings rest on the water for stability. We advise utilizing a mesh cover that, in the winter, freezes to the water in your pool. As a result, the pool cover is stabilized and snow is prevented from melting into the water. The cover will thaw when the snow melts and resume its original shape. You don’t have to bother about getting rid of the leftover melted snow.

Do You Know About Pool Salt?

Pool salt, a well-kept secret in the industry, is a carefully formulated salt substance used to melt snow and ice on your pool cover. Although it is not formed of the same compounds as rock salt, it functions similarly. It’s possible to shred your pool cover or harm your pool filter by using rock salt on it. The residue and melted snow can be removed the next day using pool salt and a cover pump.

Deactivate your water heater

Turn off your water heater to reduce your electricity costs. Your swimming pool will freeze in the winter. That’s alright! When it freezes, all of your winterization tools and supplies perform better.

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